Wednesday, 12 February 2014


" busy oneself in a desultory though agreeable manner..."

This is a bit of an odd rambley post, but then I've been in a bit of an odd rambley way recently.

Things in my little world have been confusing and scary, there have been appointments, tests, and tablets to take, a lot of waiting and unanswerable questions, but this short chapter of life is nearly over and i'm OK.  Or at least i will be, I just need to get through the next few weeks and things will start to feel better, we'll be on to a new chapter.

I've been trying to keep myself busy, to take my mind off my troubles: pottering around in the kitchen, doing bits and bobs of housework, rearranging cupboards, making plans, thinking, dreaming, noticing...

On Thursday nights I've been attending a pottery class, it's fun, I learn new things, meet new people and for two hours a week I get to forget everything else that is going on in my life.  Although I have some way to go, each odd misshaped piece that comes of the kiln makes me happy.

These are the pieces that I made and finished last term: the little pot above is the first thing I threw on the wheel, I love that glaze, it's cream stoneware on top of brown, i used wax resist to create the stripes where the brown shows through.  I gave it to my mum at Christmas as a salt pot (with home made pomegranate salt), hopefully by next Christmas i'll have something a little less... dumpy to give her!

This is my kitchen window sill... you can see a slab pot that i'm using as a planter for my supermarket herb pots, a tiny rough pot made from leftover clay, that I use for my opal engagement ring when i'm washing up and another dumpy pot that i'm using as a tray for my mini daffodils.

I love those mini daffodils, they were only 66p in Morrisons, and watching them grow over the last few weeks has brought my a little joy every day, so when I saw them on sale again this week i snapped up another pot.

Strangely, although I've been able to enjoy the pretty yellow blooms of the daffodils in a relatively short time, watching the painfully slow appearance and growth of these teeny amaryllis shoots has brought me more joy, oh boy has it, i'm not sure how i'll cope when it finally flowers... in a whole 10-12 weeks!

This is the other end of my window sill, there's our cactus, he's a big old thing, passed on to us by family friends, we're not the best at looking after him, he madly spawns babies when he's unhappy, but occasionally when we get it right we are rewarded by beautiful purple flowers, long elegant trumpets that appear and disappear within a few days.  Tucked behind him you can see the propagator...

I riffled through the seed tin yesterday looking for seeds that could be planted in February, i had a need to plant something, to have something else growing in my house.

For some reason we have lots of seeds, even though we haven't attempted to grow anything since 2011... in 2012 we had the excuse of the wedding, last year we were just lazy... but hopefully this year there will be something green growing in the green house.

I chose these aubergine and rainbow blend tomatoes, two vegetables that we like and eat often.  Three rows of seeds in the propagator, one of tomatoes, (shown above) sown in a drill, two of the aubergine, lightly covered by compost.  the soil should be kept damp and hopefully I'll see some wee seedlings appear in 10-14 days... I'm looking forward to it :)

So, pottering, pottery and potting, these are the things I've been filling my days with...


  1. I'm sorry you're going through a hard time right now, Cate. I hope everything turns out to be okay. This was a lovely post, full of happy things, and I appreciate your optimistic attitude.

  2. Oh, it sounds like you are going through a rough time right now. I hope things get better soon. I enjoyed hearing about your pottery class and planting, though! I'm terrible at plants... they always die on me (which probably means I'm forgetting to water them). I loved looking at your pictures, though!

  3. I will be praying for you friend...I know how it feels to go through trying times. Anytime you need to talk feel free to email me. I think it is fantastic that you are taking a pottery class...I do so love your pieces. And your window sill is so beautiful as are your seed choices! I can't wait to see more of your garden! You take care sweet soon...Nicole xoxo


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