Sunday, 23 February 2014

super duper new camera strap...

I was given this scarf by my lovely friend Marie for my birthday last year, it's just one of those scarves, you know? The kind that you can wear with everything.  Super pretty... who doesn't love heart shaped polka dots?  And it's big.  You can wrap it round your neck a couple of times.  So warm too.

So yeah... I decided to chop off a bit and turn it in to a camera strap!

I've been wanting to make a strap for my Diana Mini for quite some time, but nothing I'd tried or seen had been right, until I saw this on Pinterest... now I wasn't about to start messing around with fancy clips and bits of leather, but I knew it was totally happening, and I knew just the scarf to use!

I decided that I didn't want to use the whole scarf, so I found a tutorial for a rolled hem, cut off a strip from one of the short sides, hemmed both of the raw edges (I'm pretty impressed with my skills btw, look at that hem up there!) and then tied the smaller of the two pieces to my camera. Easy!

I think it looks fab, the polka dots, or hearta dots if you will, totally match the girly feel of the Dina Mini, it looks so much better than the standard plastic strap, and is way more comfortable to carry around too!

Also... this means another big tick on my what will catey make next? list!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend...


  1. And how brilliant is this!!! You did such a wonderful job on using what you had and yes you did a fantastic job on that hem! It looks beautiful with your camera and it is so refreshing to see a unique camera strap like this! Well done and a wonderful week ahead to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. How neat, now you can be stylish and ready to take pictures! I think it looks super cute and feminine. Good job!

  3. A really clever idea, you've done a beautiful job of making the strap. And what a fantastic camera.


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