Saturday, 1 March 2014

One Little Month... February

hyacinth, guacamole, wallpaper, taco seasoning, carrots, blonde star, invader,
ice cream, daffodil, seeds, camera strap, quilting, birthday in a can, coffee fudge cake, cookies, amaryllis

One Little Month is about the little things that have made me happy during the last month.

February was about distractions... cooking, making, and pottering.

Some other things that made me happy were...

Dancing to this tune in the brief flurry of snow we enjoyed one Tuesday night.

This Cauliflower Alfredo sauce.

The idea of a quilt top like this one - crazy beautiful.


The unexpected kindness of a blogland friend, if you haven't already visited Nicole, then her blog really should be your next stop, she's a genuine star.

I hope that you had something to make you smile too...


  1. You accomplished a lot in February, Cate. But here's to March being a better month for you. :)

  2. You just made me cry! NO joke! I have had the longest day with my little one being so sick with the flu and this post just made me so happy! Thank you friend! Your month was filled with so much beauty and creativity!!! Look at everything you rocked out!! And I love the idea of putting it together in a collage like that to see it as one piece!! Again you have no idea how much your kind words meant in this moment! Thank you! I only wish you were closer and we could grab a coffee! Nicole xoxo


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